Delfin Pools, a reliable Miami pool service company, is bringing you greater value. We offer reliable & professional pool maintenance services, with a standard of excellence. Every pool owner wants to maintain their pool to the best of their ability; many times pool owners already have a full schedule and find it difficult to properly maintain their pool. That’s where we can help, pool service isn’t just what we do, it’s our life. Keeping your chemicals balanced, maintaining proper circulation, and increasing your pool’s over all life and value is at the core of what we provide.

We approach our relationship with you with integrity and commitment. We hope to gain your business through quality recommendations, our reliability is how we intend on keeping your business.

Mission Statement

The mission of Delfin Pools is to provide great pool service, while keeping safety as an all time priority. Dedication, integrity, and outstanding customer service are all defining traits of Delfin Pools.

With your pool being our focus, but your wallet in mind, we do what we can to give you the greatest service at the greatest price. Delfin Pools saves you money, offers you online account management, service notifications, we are licensed and insured, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you need to brush up on your pool knowledge, download our FREE e-book “The Pool Owner’s Guidebook”!

Delfin Pools saves you money every which way imaginable!
• Pool life: we keep your pool functioning as intended to reduce expenses towards pool repairs.

• Chemical costs: All chemical costs are included with Standard Chemical Maintenance (except in extreme circumstances).

Online Account Management makes it easy to manage your pool!
• Your personal and custom Service Dashboard is an easy to understand interface which gives you access to your pool service account data

• Edit your contact information

• Send your Pool Service Specialist a message at any time. Feel free to ask questions about general pool knowledge or a specific question about your pool and maintenance.

• View your Service History records directly from the Service Dashboard!

Keeping track of your Pool Service Specialist is easy!
• Receive an email notification immediately upon completion of your scheduled pool service.

• Service Notifications help you know exactly what is going on with your pool.

•Service Notifications include: pool status & instructions.

Feel confident that your pool is in good hands!
• All Pool Service Specialist are Certified Pool Operators!

• Fully licensed and insured to perform pool maintenance on your swimming pool.

With your satisfaction guaranteed, there is nothing to worry about!
• If you, for any reason what so ever, are not completely satisfied with our work we will give you your money back.

• Alternatively, we will gladly re-clean your pool, at no cost to you, if you notify us within 24 hours that you were not satisfied with the work.

What Every Pool Owner Needs to Know About Pools!
• Completely Free!

• 30 pages of pool knowledge!

• Quick, easy, and informative!

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Save More!

Pool Service Discounts & Savings

We offer discounts and savings for our customers every possible chance we get. A perfect example of a discount that we offer regularly, and can be applied every month of pool service, is our 10% off discount for Military, Veterans, Police, Fire Fighters, Nurses, & Doctors.
All of our discounts are offered with price conscious pool owners in mind. We do what we can to get you the best pool service in Miami at the best price. We understand you need your pool cleaned and you need your pool cleaner to do it right, but you also don’t want to overpay. That’s why capitalizing on our pool service discounts and savings will really give you the most bang for your buck!

If you’re a faculty member, staff member, or a student at Florida International University, let us know and we will give you an additional monthly discount on your pool cleaning services!