• 1. Which pool service is right for my pool?

    It really depends on your pool and your personal preference. First, consider how much of the pool maintenance work you want to undertake yourself. Once you have considered the amount of work load you are willing to take on, visit our Services page to get an idea of which standard pool services you would like to combine into a pool service package that works for you. Feel free to Contact Us for further assistance.
  • 2. How much does your pool service cost?

    The price varies based on many factors. It would be impossible to give you a fair and honest price without first looking at your pool’s condition, equipment, and environment. We would then need to consider the amount of pool service your pool would require. Fortunately for you, we offer an automated ballpark pool service estimate that should get you within range of what your actual pool service will cost. Visit the Immediate Estimate page to get the ballpark estimate now. For an accurate assessment and a binding offer to service your pool, set up a free consultation with our pool service specialists. Visit the Contact Us page to make your appointment and have a pool service specialist visit your house for free.
  • 3. How will I know when you have cleaned my pool?

    Communication with your pool service specialist is essential. We are on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to enhancing communication with your pool service specialist. Immediately after your pool service is completed, your online account (Pool Service Dashboard) will be updated and you will receive an email notifying you of the completion of the pool service.
  • 4. What’s included in your Premium Service Package?

    Everything your pool needs. When you invest in the Premium Service Package you are enhancing your pool’s value by increasing it’s life and functionality. We will test your water, balance your chemicals, clean your filter, monitor equipment and pressure levels, scrub tiles, empty baskets, brush all of your pool walls, floor, and spa, vacuum the pool, and skim the surface. It really is the best service you can get your pool. To compare all of the services we offer visit the pool Services page. If you just want to take a closer look at our Premium Service Package, you can go to the Premium Service Package page.
  • 5. I am on your Standard Salt System Maintenance plan, do I need to do anything else?

    There is still your filter that needs to be cleaned as necessary. Our Basic Maintenance Package plan applies to the Standard Salt System Maintenance as well. So, you are able to include the Standard Filter Maintenance as a package along with the Standard Salt System Maintenance at a starting price of $59 per Month.
  • 6. Will my swimming pool be cleaned on the same day and time?

    Yes, for the most part. We schedule our routes based on geographical zones within Miami-Dade and maintain a consistent schedule with as little changes as possible. Changes may arise due to weather or holidays in which case we will get in contact with you to let you know that there was a change in the service.
  • 7. I have a spa connected to my swimming pool. Do you charge extra to clean my spa?

    No, as long as your spa is connected as to your swimming pool there will be no extra charge. The water area within your spa will be included in the quoted price to service and clean your swimming pool.