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As a pool owner, you should be proud of your swimming pool. You spent your hard earned money to be able to afford a swimming pool, now you must make sure you uphold its value through proper pool maintenance and regular cleanings. In this article we will cover some basic procedures necessary to clean your pool, but for a more in depth understanding of pools and how they work, download our FREE e-book “The Pool Owner’s Guidebook”.

First and foremost, you must skim the top of the water. By using a net or skimmer you can clear the pool’s water and surface of any debris which may be floating within it. Getting rid of the floating debris is the first step in cleaning your swimming pool. By removing the floating debris, you prevent that debris from taking up space in skimmer baskets or potentially getting sucked into a drain which it may clog.

Next, be sure to brush off all of the walls of the swimming pool and spa. Brushing the walls is one of the more daunting tasks within swimming pool cleaning, but it is also one of the more undervalued tools in your fight for a clean pool. By brushing all of the walls down you are able to detach dirt, skin cells, and all the other contaminates that interfere with your pool’s goal of cleanliness. These contaminates may be an eye sore on your walls, but more importantly they can facilitate the growth of algae if undisturbed. So, make sure to brush your pool walls down when cleaning your pool.

Vacuuming your pool is essential in maintaining a clean pool. With out vacuuming your pool, debris will build up on the pool floor. Just like the contaminates on the pool wall, if the debris on your pool floor is left undisturbed they are potentially facilitating the growth of algae in your pool. If the sight of a dirty pool floor wasn’t enough to make you vacuum it up, think about how much worse it will be if algae appears.

After you skim, brush, and vacuum your pool it should be looking pretty good! Remember, there is more to pool maintenance then just the physical process of cleaning it. Chemical and filter maintenance are both vital to your pool’s cleanliness. With out proper chemical and filter maintenance, it wouldn’t matter how many times you brushed, skimmed, and vacuumed your pool. If you don’t feel comfortable performing all of your pool maintenance procedures your self, you may opt to hire a competent pool service specialist to maintain your pool at a small fee. Take a look at our pool services, get an instant online pool cleaning quote, and make an appointment for your FREE pool cleaning consultation today!

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