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Pool Cleaning

Keeping your pool nice and clean is the goal, but it’s not always so easy to reach. With a laundry list of things you need to do to keep your pool clean, many pool owner’s in Miami decide to hire a Miami pool service company to come out and handle the pool cleaning. By hiring a pool company, the pool owner gets rid of the stress that comes along with maintaining their pool, but what if a pool owner does not want to hire a pool company? Here are 10 things you, as a pool owner, can and should be doing to maintain your pool.

pool service chemical1. Check your pool chemistry regularly

At least once per week, you should be checking the chemistry of your pool water. If you have more available time, it is recommended you check it more than once per week. The benefit of checking your pool water’s chemistry as much as possible, is that whenever there is a change, you will spot it right away.

2. Clean out skimmer baskets as needed

Your skimmer baskets are important, skimmers maintain a steady cleansing of the surface of your water, so the baskets need to be clear of any dirt and debris. By cleaning out your skimmer basket, you are increasing your chances that your pool system will function properly.

3. Clean out the pump basket as needed

Your pump basket is the last line of defense, before your pool water reaches the pump. To maintain proper functionality of your pool system, make sure that your pump basket does not get full.

4. Maintain proper water level

Maintaining proper water level in your pool is important. It should be half way up your skimmer door. This allows your skimmers and the rest of your pool to function properly.

5. Clean your filter regularly

One of the most over-looked and vital pieces of proper pool service is maintaining your filter. That’s why it is important to clean your filter on a regular basis.

6. Clean your tiles weekly

If you don’t clean your tiles regularly, they may be harder to clean once they have dirtiness that has built up over a prolonged period of time.

7. Brush & Vacuum regularly

Brushing the walls of your pool and vacuuming the floor are essential to keeping your pool looking great.

Completing everything mentioned above, on a regular basis, will keep your pool clean and swimmers happy. If you ever feel that you are ready to pass on the troublesome work of pool maintenance, you can always call a pool service company to come out and take over.

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