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If you are considering installing a pool at your home, making the decision to own a pool is the easy part. It is considerably more challenging to decide which type of pool you want.

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The best thing you can do to help you make the decision which pool type is right for you is to consult an expert. Your Miami pool store staff has understanding, experience, and history that can provide you with unique insight and give you great ideas. They regularly assist customers with pool decisions, both big and small, including how to choose the perfect pool for individualized needs.


The next thing that will be invaluable in choosing the type of pool you want is understanding the benefits and drawbacks to the available pool types: vinyl liner, fiberglass, and concrete.


If up-front cost is one of your biggest concerns, vinyl liner pools require the lowest initial investment. The trade-off is that there will be higher costs for pool maintenance over time. Vinyl liners have a lifespan of only between about seven to 15 years. Replacing the liner will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $2500 to $3500. The temporary nature of a vinyl liner may affect you in other longer-term ways you should consider, as well. For example, should you choose to sell your home, and the vinyl liner is more than just a couple of years old, there is a good chance the buyer will want you to replace the liner before they will close the deal with you. In addition, warranties associated with vinyl liners are usually prorated for a predetermined amount of time. In other words, your coverage will continue to lessen over time. In order to protect your investment, be sure to ask your Miami pool store to recommend a reliable Miami pool service to provide regular pool cleaning and pool maintenance.


You will want to consider more than just cost, however. Vinyl liners offer a smooth surface. If you have ever been in a pool you can walk around in, and gotten out only to discover that the tips of your toes were raw from the pool floor, then you can likely appreciate the idea of a nonabrasive pool surface. The other direct benefit of the smooth, solid surface of a vinyl liner pool is that algae does not grow as easily as it does on more porous surfaces. Less algae means less aggressive pool cleaning is necessary (This does not mean you will not want a qualified Miami pool service to regularly offer you pool cleaning and pool maintenance!) In addition, vinyl liners offer a virtually unlimited number of aesthetic options, because the only limit to the shape and size of a vinyl liner pool is your own imagination.

Finally, you have to exercise more regular daily care with a vinyl liner pool than with other types of pools. A vinyl liner is, believe it or not, not much larger than the width of a couple stacked sheets of paper. As you can imagine, too much horseplay, rowdy pets and children, wayward falling tree limbs, and pool toys or other objects with any sharp edges are bad ideas for these pools.

The second type of pool to consider is a fiberglass pool. Fiberglass provides you with a surface that requires very little pool maintenance and less cleaning than other options. Fiberglass pools are coated with a hard gel that creates a smooth, non-porous surface. They, too, will offer smooth floors and walls as well as less algae growth, and consequently, less need for as much aggressive pool cleaning.


Fiberglass pools are manufactured off site, using a mold, and moved to your home and installed. The benefit is that installation is short compared to concrete pools, usually taking only a few weeks. The down side is that while fiberglass pools will potentially offer steps and seating in the pool, they are otherwise very limited in size, shape, and style. This is because they must be moved via the highway and are created from a mold. As a result, fiberglass pools cannot be more than 16″ wide.

If opting for a fiberglass pool, you will pay a higher cost up front than with a vinyl pool – likely as much as $5000. The costs of pool maintenance thereafter are very minimal, however. In the vast majority of cases, the shell of a fiberglass pool never needs to be replaced or repaired.

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The final option is a concrete pool. Concrete pools come in especially strong in the aesthetics department. A concrete pool can be almost any shape, size, or style you want, and the features available are unlimited. Beach entries and tanning ledges, for example, are just a couple of available options. Furthermore, concrete pools are constructed on site, which means they can literally be built into and around the landscaping. Talk with an expert at your Miami pool store about what you envision for a perfect pool.


Concrete pools, while beautiful and unique, require the most ongoing cost and the most maintenance. They require renovations every 10-20 years. These renovations will include retiling and resurfacing. The cost will likely run from $8000 on the low side, and it may be much higher. Concrete pools require frequent pool maintenance in the form of brooming or sweeping, since the porous nature of concrete allows for the more rapid growth or algae. For this same reason, regular pool cleaning is also necessary, and concrete pools will likely require more chemicals and filtration than other types of pools to ensure that algae growth does not compound. If you choose a concrete pool, it would be an especially good investment to ask your Miami pool store where you can connect with a Miami pool service company.


Finally, concrete pools take a long time to install. If you go this route, be prepared to wait as long as four months to take a dip!

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Choosing a pool is a long-term investment, and it is important to choose the right one for you. Whether you are looking for a functional pool that is less expensive or one with all the frills, you don’t have to look any further than your Miami pool store to get an expert’s help choosing.

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