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Your swimming pool means a lot to you, and rightfully so. That’s why you do what you can to keep your swimming pool running as intended. Cleaning your swimming pool and general swimming pool maintenance are essential in optimal performance of your pool. Many pool owner’s lack important swimming pool knowledge which would help them maintain their pool at optimum performance. Furthermore, many pool owner’s don’t see the benefit of proper swimming pool maintenance.

1. Why proper pool maintenance saves you money
After spending your hard earned money on your swimming pool, it is understandable to not want to continue spending on what looks great already. The problem is that, a pool owner must understand that spending money on proper pool maintenance is more than just an expense, it’s an investment. Improper pool maintenance leads to costly repairs far before when they would be necessary. Pool owner’s actually save much more money by cleaning and maintaining their properly, by increasing the life of their swimming pool and it’s associated equipment!

2. Proper pool maintenance beyond what you can see
Expanding on the above mentioned savings associated with pool maintenance, some pool owner’s feel they just need to get their pool ‘looking’ clean. Unfortunately, there are deeper issues with pool maintenance, beyond what the eye can see. A pool may look clean, but if it not properly balanced and maintained the life of the pool can still be at great risk!

3. Don’t swim in dirty water
This is very important! Some pool owner’s rationalize, that despite their belief that their pool may not be clean, they can still swim in it. Swimming in dirty water can require much more than a simple shower to clean yourself. Small particles of infectious agents living in dirty pool water can infect your body and land you right in the hospital! It is important to maintain a clean pool, not just for the health of your pool, but for your own health as well.

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