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Chemistry is rarely a favorite subject among students. Often times, these students move forward in life and never have to test their chemistry skills again, until they own a pool. Don’t let pool chemistry haunt you though. It really is not all that difficult. In this post, we will cover the major affects of water chemistry on your pool, what a pool service specialist should be testing for, and what the benefit is to hire a pool service specialist in Miami.

The primary focus of water chemistry, in relation to your pool, is to keep the water balanced. Unbalanced water will either corrode your surfaces or cause scaling. Corrosive water eats away at your concrete and plumbing, while scaling water attempts deposit molecular compounds throughout your pool’s surface and plumbing.

When a pool service specialist balances your water, they should be testing for Total Chlorine and Free Chlorine (assuming you’re using chlorine as your choice of sanitizer), PH, Calcium Hardness, Total Alkalinity, and temperature.

If you’re using chlorine to sanitize your pool, you or your pool service company should be testing the water regularly for total chlorine and free chlorine. When you add chlorine to your pool water, it proceeds in doing it’s job as a disinfectant. As the free available chlorine comes in contact with ammonia and nitrogen compounds, they form combined chlorines, also known as chloramines. It should be your goal to keep the free available chlorine count in your pool higher than the combined chlorines.

PH is a measure of acidity and is important to the proper maintenance of your pool. The more acidic your pool water is, the more corrosive the water becomes. Acidic water will deteriorate equipment, piping, and surfaces. Water with a more Basic PH level can cause calcium build up, reduced effectiveness of chlorine, and clog pipes.

It’s important to know what to look for in a pool service company, especially in Miami. It really does benefit you to hire a professional in this climate though, because with spontaneous weather activity comes spontaneous pool chemistry. We here at Delfin Pools aim to be the best Miami pool service company you can find!

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