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Anyone who has ever had a pool and tried to service and maintain it themselves knows that a considerable time investment is involved. In fact, some owners find the needed upkeep on a pool to be a burden. If you are experiencing that feeling now, or concern about the burden of maintaining a pool is keeping you from buying a house with a pool or installing one in your current home, rest assured that a pool does not have to be a burden.

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Pools, left alone, will devolve into a state of entropy. They must regularly be maintained and cleaned. This ongoing, routine cleaning involves many necessary components. Pools must, first, have their surfaces skimmed to remove all floating debris. This should be done every few days with a leaf skimmer or hand skimmer to prevent bugs, leaves, twigs, and other debris from sinking to the bottom, where it becomes even more difficult to remove. Skimming not only keeps the pool clean and looking fresh, it also increases the effectiveness of the circulation system and makes less chlorine necessary. In conjunction with skimming the pool, strainer baskets should be cleaned out weekly. It is important to shake out the contents of the removable basket and to dislodge objects that may have become stuck inside.


In addition to surface cleaning, pools must be vacuumed weekly. This process will not only ensure the pool water remains clean and clear, it will significantly lessen the amount of chemicals necessary to maintain the health of the pool. When vacuuming the pool, the walls and tile on the pool floor and sides must also be brushed and scrubbed down. Algae and calcium buildup that is not brushed off will continue to compound, and over time, can create significant problems. It is important to use the appropriate materials for cleaning pool walls. Stiff brushes, which might be necessary to clean plaster-lined pools, for example, would be inappropriate for cleaning fiberglass-lined pools and tiles, which require a softer brush.


Pool filters must not be overlooked, either. There are three different kinds of pool filters, and they each require different cleaning schedules. Regardless of the type of filter, there is a delicate balance to filter cleaning; they should be cleaned often enough, but not too often. Cleaning a filter too often actually renders the pool’s filtration less efficient and effective. Filters with low levels of dirt will actually function better than those that are sparkling clean. On the other hand, filters that get too filthy will contaminate the pool.

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Trying to learn and remember all of these various components of pool cleaning can be a daunting task. Keeping up with the schedule even once you understand it may be even more difficult. It doesn’t need to be a burden, however. Your Miami pool store can put you in touch with providers of Miami pool service, like Delfin Pools, that can ensure ongoing upkeep and pool cleaning. Allowing the experts in the Miami pool service business to take over regular pool cleaning will allow your pool to become an asset you love and can enjoy.


That addresses the cleaning of the actual pool, but what about the ongoing maintenance of the water in the pool? Everyone knows that healthy and safe pools require a delicate balance of chemicals, but many don’t understand what that actual balance is. Pool water must be regularly tested and the goal is to maintain a pH level between 7.2 and 7.8. This ideal balance of acidity and alkalinity makes swimming safe and helps the pool to operate most efficiently. Testing kits are available to monitor a pool’s pH levels. While many testing quits are relatively easy to use, once the test determines that the pH is off, that information must then be used to add the appropriate chemicals in the appropriate amounts in order to regain the ideal chemical balance.


In addition to checking and maintaining pH levels, shocking pools is also necessary to maintain the pool’s health and appeal. When ammonia, nitrogen, or other naturally occurring contaminants build up in a pool in high levels, the chlorine odor in the pool becomes overpowering and undesirable. Shocking, or super-chlorinating, involves adding significant amounts of chlorine to the pool to eliminate the unpleasant odor. How long a pool can go before being shocked is different in each situation.


Miami pool service companies are experts at understanding the chemical balances necessary for ongoing pool maintenance. Asking your Miami pool store to direct you to an appropriate Miami pool service provider can take this stress out of pool ownership, as well. In addition to providing the service, hiring a professional Miami pool service company to handle maintaining your pool’s chemical balance can also eliminate the need for you to regularly drive to the Miami pool store to purchase the necessary chemicals yourself, since the company will bring all of the chemicals and equipment necessary for pool maintenance to your home.

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A Miami pool service provider will provide you with another benefit, as well. They are a resource available to you to provide ongoing maintenance on your pool equipment and are knowledgeable enough to know when the equipment is broken and needs to be replaced. Over time, pool parts may break or simply become too old to function appropriately. The excellent news is that regular pool maintenance and pool cleaning by a professional Miami pool service will extend the life of your pool equipment and also make it much easier to replace equipment when needed.


The decision to own a pool should not be hard. Pools in Florida are a no brainer. Similarly, maintaining a pool can also be a cinch. Contact your Miami pool store about hiring a qualified Miami pool service professional, and take all the guesswork and stress out of pool cleaning and pool maintenance.

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