Our Basic Maintenance Package provides great services along with great savings. With the Basic Maintenance Package, you combine any two of our standard services for a more effective pool maintenance solution.

When utilizing our Basic Maintenance Package, you can take advantage of enhanced benefits provided by specific standard service combinations. For example, if you own an automatic pool cleaner, combining our Standard Chemical Maintenance and our Standard Filter Maintenance, you should be receiving a strong all around pool cleaning solution.

For individuals who just wish to lighten the manual labor portion of pool maintenance, consider combining our Standard Cleaning Services and our Standard Filter Maintenance. This combination will leave you with little work left to maintain your pool. If you are chemical savvy, you can maintain the balance among your pool’s chemicals and we will take care of the more labor intense work.

An effective pool cleaning solution requires that your pool’s chemical profile is being maintained, all standard cleaning services are being conducted, as well as conducting all pool filter cleaning procedures. If you wish to reduce your work load, consider our Premium Package, which will allow you to combine all 3 of our standard services into the most effective pool maintenance solution!

• Any two standard services

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