Our Premium Service Package provides you with the greatest solution for your pool cleaning needs. Combine all 3 of our standard services to leave you with minimal maintenance responsibilities as a pool owner. With our Premium Service Package we will regularly perform our Standard Chemical Maintenance, Standard Filter Maintenance, and Standard Cleaning Services on your pool.

Our Standard Chemical Maintenance includes the performance of multiple titration based testings on your pool water and includes the application of necessary chemicals.

Our Standard Filter Maintenance includes cleaning your filter, emptying your skimmer, cleaner, and pump baskets, inspecting equipment for leaks and wear, monitor filter pressure, and performing backwash’s as necessary.

Our Standard Cleaning Service includes the brushing of all walls, steps, and attached spa, scrubbing tiles, vacuuming the floors, maintaining proper water level, and skim the surface for debris.

• Testing pool water
• Administration of chemicals
• Clean filter
• Empty skimmer, cleaner, and pump baskets
• Inspecting equipment for leaks and wear
• Monitor filter pressure
• Perform backwash’s as necessary
• Brushing walls, steps, and spa
• Scrubbing tiles
• Vacuuming the floors
• Skim the surface for debris

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